The Lake Links Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Our mission is t​​​​​​o promote safe routes for active mobility through the communities surrounding White Bear Lake and beyond.

A 100% volunteer organization, we serve communities around White Bear Lake and beyond through:

  • We advocate for the construction and improvement of infrastructure supporting safe active mobility and connected communities — Including, but not limited to, establishing a safe non-motorized route around White Bear Lake and connecting it to the Gateway–Brown’s Creek State Trail, the Bruce Vento Regional Trail, Bald Eagle Lake, and downtown St Paul.
  • We support initiatives that advance pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • We encourage transportation on foot and bicycle in order to facilitate human interaction, improve public health, and increase community comity.

  • We work to establish and improve routes, trails, and paths enabling safe travel for all ages to schools, parks, and other routes, trails, and paths.
  • We organize and promote community- and school-based events and activities in support of active mobility.
  • We improve and enhance trails and paths within community and regional parks.
  • We acquire property interests to prevent loss of existing and potential parks and paths.
  • We establish standards and norms supporting parks, pathways, and neighborhood access.
  • We avert loss of existing parks and open spaces to development
  • We increase the livability and desirability of communities for families with children.

  • We educate drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists — especially those new to our community and country — about laws, rules, and safety practices related to active mobility.
  • We educate citizens and government entities about the value of parks, trails, and open space
  • We educate the public about permissive use of property without owner liability under statutory provisions.

  • We catalyze and collaborate with efforts of other organizations, individuals, government entities, and businesses in support of active mobility.

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Board of Directors

Steve Wolgamot, Mahtomedi
Washington County Chair [email protected]

Mike Brooks, White Bear Lake

Ramsey County Chair [email protected]

Ben Creagh, Birchwood - Secretary/Treasurer

Greg Bartz, White Bear Township South

Judy Craig, White Bear Lake

Kevin Donovan, Grant

Blanche Hawkins, Dellwood

Mary Hoff, Grant

Paul Hoff, Grant

Dorian Grilley, Mahtomedi

Dennis Lindeke, Dellwood

Jim Muellner, White Bear Township North

Jackie Reis, White Bear Lake

Ian Harding (webmaster) , Mahtomedi