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Safety first on the Lake Links Trail

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

The Lake Links Trail is becoming even safer, thanks to some much-appreciated action on the part of public officials in the area.

In May, the Mahtomedi City Council approved lowering speed limits to 20 mph on minor city streets and 25 mph on major city streets. This includes 2 miles of the Lake Links Trail along Wildwood Beach Road and Park Avenue.

In addition, MnDOT has installed new lane delineators along Highway 96. The delineators are intended to calm traffic and separate bikers and walkers on the shoulder from vehicles at the busy intersections with Portland Ave. and Northwestern Ave.

Meanwhile, plans are being firmed up for installing a trail that separated from motor vehicle traffic along the entire stretch of the South Shore portion of the trail.

Trail users are encouraged to be alert to potential hazards whenever using the trail, to be respectful of other users, and to use a helmet when biking.

If you experience a safety incident or near miss, or if you have a suggestion for safety improvement along the Lake Links trail, we want to hear from you! Working together, gathering data and being open and transparent we can help shape decisions to enhance the trail experience for all users and prevent accidents and injuries .

Please submit your incident report/near miss report or safety suggestion here:

Lake Links Safety Report and Suggestion

We will review reports and suggestions. We will push the local authorities to make the trail safer for all users.

Current map of safety reports/incidents

Current Lake Links Safety items status report

Note: Be sure to contact local authorities in case of injuries or damage.

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