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December update on South Shore Boulevard

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Well, winter is here and trail work on South Shore Boulevard has come to almost a complete stop until spring.

The good news is that the following has gotten done:

1) South Shore is now one way (eastbound) from McKnight Ave to County Road F. One way signs, "no right turn" signs, and "no left turn" signs are in place, so it should be clear to vehicles which way to go. Wrong way drivers are a safety hazard and risk a ticket for a moving violation.

2) The old road surface remains in place from White Bear Ave. to about 250 yards west of Bellaire Ave. From 250 yards west of Bellaire to County Road F there is new one-lane road with curb. It does not have the final layer of asphalt so there are bumps where there are manholes and culverts etc. Take care while walking or biking.

3) A 10-foot-wide separated trail about a half-mile long is now in place from 30 yards east of Bellaire Ave. to 30 yards from County Road F. This has been snowplowed by Ramsey County. Railings are still being installed at the east end of this stretch. There is much finishing work (final grading, signage, striping, etc.) to be done yet and you'll encounter some trip hazards as a result of the pause for winter, so exercise extreme care on this stretch. if you walk or bike here (especially after a snowfall, which may cover up hazards), expect to use the vehicle lane at the east and west ends for about 30 yards each.

4) From McKnight to Bellaire is still very much a work in progress. The only smooth walking/biking is on the road in the vehicle lane. Trails through Hidden Hollow Park to the south might be a good alternative.

We look forward to work restarting in the spring. Thank you, Ramsey County, for the work done so far!


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