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Lighting for the trail in Mahtomedi

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The project for lighting the Lake Links Trail from Mahtomedi District Education Center to the north edge of Mahtomedi at Dwinnell is now moving rapidly toward construction. The final design has 43 bollard lights (all LED and approximately 3 feet high) that will softly light the trail. They will be turned on at dusk and turned off late in the evening by timers. At the covered bridge there will be pendant lighting inside the bridge itself and two electrical outlets for use for holiday lighting and special occasions. Installation is expected to be complete by the end of October. The project was funded by the Minnesota Legislature and coordinated by the city of Mahtomedi and WSB. This will be a nice addition for those who like to walk or jog in the evening.

UPDATE Jan 15 2023 : we are waiting for some wall lights from a supplier and also Xcel Energy to hook up the power feed ( expected by beginning of April unfortunately) .

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