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New Mahtomedi area digital walk-bike-roll maps now available

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The Lake Links Association is pleased to announce the creation of two new local maps of nonmotorized routes available for use with the Avenza app on iPhone and Android smartphones.

The maps show your location in real time as you move. Once downloaded, they require only a GPS signal – no cellphone signal or wifi needed. You can zoom in and out to see varying levels of detail.

The two new maps now available are:

  1. the Lake Links Trail as of Dec 2022

  2. suggested good walking/biking routes on sidewalks, shared use trails, neighborhood and park footpaths, and quiet shared streets around Mahtomedi.

The maps join Avenza maps created by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, county parks, national parks and many others to help users navigate parks and trails.

To access the maps, download the free Avenza app, then search for KEYWORD "Mahtomedi" in the Avenza map store.( you could search by location and then filter closest )

A huge THANK YOU to Lake Links board member and Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative member Ian Harding, who designed the maps. They will be updated at least annually as the roads and trails change. Enjoy!

Find more information on these Avenza maps here.

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