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New trail map for 2022 with smooth detours

The Lake Links Association has released both paper versions and Avenza smartphone versions of the 2022 Lake Links trail map with the detour route for South Shore Boulevard construction.

If you enjoy paper maps here is the latest:

lake links trail map complete 3-2022 with detour for south shore 3-24-2022
Download PDF • 2.84MB

You can also get a free digital map that locates you in real time on the trail (and offline using GPS on your smartphone) via the Avenza App (Android and iPhone) as used by the DNR and county parks.

Follow this link for the Avenza Lake Links trail map:

South Shore Boulevard trail construction will start in May and there is a very nice smooth detour (eastbound: Hazel to Lilac to McKnight to County Rd F). So if you want to experience the bone- and teeth-rattling potholes of South Shore Boulevard for one last time, then you need to get out there and ride it soon! The detour is very nice and smooth (County Rd F was reconstructed in 2021) and on quiet roads. It also avoids the steep hill at the County Rd E end of South Shore (note: this hill slope will be flattened slightly when South Shore Boulevard is rebuilt). The detour also goes past Marathon gas station (candy bar/energy drink stop?) and Bellaire Park (2560 County Rd F).

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