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Safety upgrades coming in Mahtomedi this spring

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The City of Mahtomedi recently approved additional signage and other safety upgrades for the Lake Links Trail (aka Wolgamot Way) in Mahtomedi . These upgrades were jointly developed by the Lake Links Association, Mahtomedi Public Works Department, the city engineer, and the Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative (MAGI). Many of these safety improvements follow the same traffic calming design ideas that the city implemented in 2021 on other quiet city streets. The upgrades are funded using state bonding money assigned to Mahtomedi in 2018 for the Lake Links Trail.

The city will undertake the following upgrades this spring and summer along the trail segments in Mahtomedi.

1) Add sharrows for cyclists to optionally use the vehicle lanes (in view of the narrowness of the shared use path) along Birchwood Road.

2) Install eight "Share the Road" signs and seven additional 20 mph speed limit signs along Wildwood Beach Road and Park Avenue to remind all road users of the presence of cars, pedestrians, bikes, and wheelchairs and theexisting 20 mph speed limit.

3) Paint sharrows on the roadway approximately every 500 feet along Park Avenue and Wildwood Beach Road to indicate expected presence of cyclists and suggest lateral positioning of cyclists. The sharrows will be slightly recessed into the road surface and use premium materials for long life.

4) Install six benches and four information kiosks along the route on public property to provide resting locations as well as trail and other local historical information.

A map of the city council approved improvements is here:

mahtomedi signage feb 17 2022
Download PDF • 786KB

These improvements are designed to enhance the safety and enjoyment of all who walk, bike, drive, roll along the Wolgamot Way Lake Links Trail in Mahtomedi.

The city is also looking at low-level lighting (bollard LED type) along the trail from the Mahtomedi District Education Center to the covered bridge. Proposals are being drafted and will be reviewed by the city council later in the spring.

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