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Why I support the Lake Links Trail

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

By Lily Engebretson

A completed trail means safety and community connection. Safety will be ensured through a completed route around the entirety of White Bear Lake. Not only will pedestrians have a safe place to walk, but bikers, families with young children, runners, and wheelchair users will also have a safe place to enjoy the outdoors in a safe manner. As a frequent runner around White Bear Lake, I will not have to lurch into neighboring yards and potholes to "get out of the way" of cars, regardless of the fact that they should be getting out of my way. I will be able to confidently run without fear of getting hit by a car or slipping on an uneven shoulder to avoid such cars.

Community connection will be fostered through the trail bringing the six communities around White Bear Lake together, as well as connecting to other trails, such as the Bruce Vento Regional Trail. A completed trail will promote more annual group rides around the lake. It will also connect locals together through sharing the path we have all worked so hard to make a reality.

The completed Lake Links Trail will be a symbol of community throughout our six communities; it will be a commitment to lead safer and healthier lifestyles together!

Lily Engebretson is a Lake Links board member, a student at Gustavus Adolphus College, and an avid bicyclist, distance runner, and Nordic skier.

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