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Mahtomedi on the move

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Exciting progress continues on the Lake Links Trail in Mahtomedi!

Lighting Installation

Work is proceeding on the installation of lighting from the District Education Center to the Dellwood border. Supply chain issues have slowed down delivery of the light bollards a bit, but the project should be completed by mid-December. We may hold a formal lighting ceremony the third week of December—stay tuned!

Trail Counter

A trail counter to measure pedestrian and bike traffic is being installed just north of the District Education Center. This will provide information in 15-minute intervals via a wireless link. Lake Links Association plans to use the data for planning purposes and to guide trail maintenance and other activities.

South Mahtomedi Connector

Washington County has installed a new pedestrian crossing and short trail connector at the intersection of Lincolntown Avenue and Highway 12. This makes it easier to access the Lake Links Trail from South Mahtomedi (and vice versa). It also completes the Lake Links business spur loop (red dashed line in map) through downtown Willernie / Mahtomedi to the signal crossing at Ash St.

Map courtesy of Ian Harding

New Interactive Map

In addition to the interactive Lake Links trail map on the Avenza app, Lake Links mapmaker extraordinaire Ian Harding has created a similar map for the streets, sidewalks, and trails of Mahtomedi. This new map shows all the reasonable bike and walking routes around Mahtomedi and continuously displays your position as you walk, bike, or roll through the community

These maps will be updated approximately twice per year as construction proceeds. To access them, download the Avenza app, then go to these links:

City workers prepared to pour concrete for the Kent Charpentier memorial bench in October.

Memorial benches

Two memorial benches are being installed along the Lake Links Trail in Mahtomedi, one at the covered bridge in memory of Griffin Runze and one at Neville Park in memory of Kent Charpentier. We hope you will find these pleasant places to rest and enjoy the scenery as you walk or bike the trail.

Watch this space for more exciting news in the months ahead!

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