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Progress update on South Shore Boulevard

By Josephine (Joey) Lundquist, Ramsey County Project Manager

South Shore Boulevard construction has been going rather well throughout the season. Unfortunately, material supply shortages have slowed progress, and the completion of the project is going to extend into 2023.

The most significant supply issue is for manufactured storm sewer catch basins and manholes. These are custom built to fit the storm system as it is designed, and concrete suppliers have been backed up all season. Concrete pipe has not been as critical of an issue, but a storm sewer system has to be installed in a particular order. If the manholes aren’t available, pipe installation can be delayed. The contractor has been flexible in their schedule, and as soon as material is delivered to the site, they are there to install it.

blacktop on South Shore Lake Links Trail
Blacktop was laid on both the roadbed and shared-use path in early November. Credit: Greg Bartz

We’re focusing on completing the new one-way road with trail between Bellaire Avenue and East County Line Road this year. Construction of the one-way segment from Bellaire Avenue to McKnight and the two-way section – with the new trail segment – from White Bear Avenue to McKnight Road will take place in spring and early summer 2023. Minor clean up and the final layer of pavement between Bellaire Avenue and East County Line Road may also extend into 2023, but the road and trail in that segment will be open to traffic by winter.

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